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Our Physiotherapists are specially trained to relieve pain, improve movement and function and provide preventative advice and home exercise plans. As a leading centre for Physiotherapy in Huddersfield you will receive the highest level of clinical excellence and expertise.


Core physiotherapy treatments are practised with an emphasis on a ‘hands on’ approach using massage and manipulation.  Your treatment may also include the use of the following modalities:

  • MASSAGE – Deep massage helps relieve muscle tension and prepares the area for further joint mobilisation techniques.  Working on very tender trigger points within the muscle can ease pain and relax the muscles associated with neck and back pain.
  • MANIPULATION – This is used to restore normal joint mobility either in the spine or peripheral joints.  This can be graded quite gently or more vigorously depending on the nature of the condition and on the individual.
  • ACUPUNCTURE – Is used in conjunction with conventional treatment to help with pain relief.  It can also be used as a support to your general wellbeing.
  • ELECTROTHERAPY – for example ultrasound, interferential, megapulse, shockwave or tens.
  • EXERCISE THERAPY – This can play a key role in rehabilitation, enabling patients to manage their own condition.

Caron Bodsworth & Associates Chartered Physiotherapists. Registered with the Health & Care Professions Council

Member of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists

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